Andrew Rosen

Sharon L. Clifton

Senior Client Liaison

Sharon brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to Diversified Lifelong Advisors. Sharon manages the day-to-day operations supporting the Diversified staff and clients and their individualized wealth management strategies. She joined the company in 2020, and is a critical member of the team, as well as a trusted client liaison.

Prior to Diversified, Sharon worked with the RZ Wealth and the Rosenzweig Team. In her career, Sharon also held various management positions for a Regional Bank. She began her securities career after more than 10 years of banking experience and currently holds a PA Insurance License.

Sharon’s areas of expertise include: Compliance, Human Resources, Insurance and Risk Management in her support of Diversified.

Spending time outdoors and with family is a priority. Reading and travel are two of her favorite things.


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