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Life is full of change and challenge. Consequently, it divides our attention. When you couple that with a rapidly changing financial environment, you may have a recipe for financial disaster. Whether from a lack of know-how or lack of interest, inattention to the details of your life goals and financial situation can have lasting, and possibly devastating, consequences.

Our goal is to prevent that financial leakage and disaster from happening to you – throughout your entire lifetime.

  • We recognize no two people are exactly alike. Our process reveals what’s unique about your circumstances, goals, and concerns so we can build a plan that’s uniquely yours too.
  • Our experience allows us to not only anticipate, but to protect you from both expected and unexpected life events such as retirement, children’s weddings, or career changes.
  • We help prevent you from making irreversible mistakes, which can have an everlasting impact on you, your loved ones, and your dreams.
  • We adhere to an investment philosophy we’ve developed over 20 years through all market conditions and trends. This helps us focus on goals-based investing to help you achieve lifelong wealth. In other words, we don’t chase markets or trends and we don’t let emotions interfere with a proven discipline.
  • Although the process doesn’t change, as the years progress we’ll learn more about you and our relationship will continue to evolve and grow stronger.

That’s our lifelong approach.
We help you embrace Lifelong Advice to help you achieve Lifelong Wealth, on your terms.

Important Lifelong Financial Planning Questions

Have you ever asked yourself, “When can I retire? What will retirement be for me? How and when should I take my Social Security or Pension? How can I reduce my taxes? Can I afford to pay for my children’s or my grandchildren’s college education? How can I leave a legacy for my family and my community?”

Here’s how we help.

Rigorous Analysis
Our analysis allows us to accurately answer the above questions and many more. We help ensure these important items do NOT go unexamined.
Thorough Education
We take the time to educate you and simplify the complex. We empower you to feel more comfortable about financial and life decisions. We frequently share financial and life insights on our blog and through our social channels.
Detailed Lifelong Wealth Plans
With the collective expertise and experience of our team, we go deep and wide with our strategic analysis of each and every client’s Lifelong Wealth Plan. We prepare written plans that document your goals, milestones, strategies, solutions, and more. Written plans are more likely to align your goals and actions, create accountabilities, be implemented, and achieve results. With us, you’ll have that advantage.
Meticulous Implementation
A plan is worthless until it is implemented. Thus we are tactfully persistent in holding you, as well as our team, accountable. We’ll keep you on track to reach your desired life and wealth outcomes.
Diligent Monitoring
Financial landscapes evolve; therefore, we proactively and when need be, reactively assess your complex financial situation.
Lifelong Management
We prepare clients for and manage the implications of life-changing events and milestones. Sometimes your goals and your financial inputs and outputs change; we’ll help focus on Lifelong Wealth.

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Lifelong Blog

The Downsize Retirement Myth – Video Blog

The Downsize Retirement Myth – Video Blog

Do retirees really downsize their homes during retirement? Or, do they “right-size” or even up-size their housing? Overall, learn about the trends in this video blog from Andrew Rosen.

Markets Push to Records on Improving Economic Data

Markets Push to Records on Improving Economic Data

Stocks continued their strong run last week, with multiple indexes hitting all-time highs. We saw global markets (represented by the MSCI All Country World Index) up 2.0% and domestic stocks (represented by the S&P 500 Index) up 2.8%.


When was the last time you took the necessary time to review ALL the areas pertaining to your lifelong financial well-being? If your answer is “not lately,” you are not alone. We can help.

50 critical financial questions which drive your financial life.

50 Point Wealth Checkup

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