Retirement Planning

downsize in retirement
Do retirees really downsize their homes during retirement? Or, do they "right-size" or even up-size their housing? Overall, learn about the trends in this video blog from Andrew Rosen. Read more
Should IOverpay My Mortgage
Inspiration for my blogs comes from many sources. Sometimes I get inspired to write on a topic from a client meeting. Other times, my inspiration comes from something I read or from a conversation in the workplace. Further still, sometimes inspiration comes from a text message discussion with a bunch of buddies who love to debate. (So, thank you O-man, Fertig, H, & Dbav. I hate to give them any credit, because it will go to their already inflated egos. But hey, what can you do?) Read more
As one spouse nears retirement (what they’ve worked 40 plus years to enjoy), the other spouse may be in the thick of their professional career. This creates an interesting and tricky balance—the retirement needs of one spouse and the career needs of the other. Now-a-days, it’s extremely common to see a household that requires both spouses to earn income. In a lot of cases, quite frankly, that second income is necessary to assure an on-track retirement. Read more
The topic of this week’s blog sounds pretty provocative, doesn’t it? But Andrew I’m happily married (you may be thinking), I don’t want to “retirement date.” I don’t care. Do it! Date often. Try all different types of dating, until you get it right. Trust me. If you do, you’ll be thanking me later. Read more
First, markets move quickly. Like, really quickly. They shot down at historic rates and then shot back up. Volatility is everywhere and will likely persist for the short term. Read more
The Fulfillment Challenge
As lifelong financial coaches, it's incumbent upon us to take our financial conversations to a higher level. Higher than assets and liabilities. Read more
Dollar Cost Average
You've probably heard of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) over the years, but maybe you don't know exactly what it is. Believe it or not, DCA has been around a long time and I’ve often found it to be a little misunderstood. Therefore, I wanted to take a moment to review DCA--what is it? And, why people do it in the first place? Read more
Financial Athlete
There's always that one kid. You may recall him growing up, or maybe they are a member of your child's sports team. You know the one - they have loads of raw talent, but no finesse. They would show up to practice wearing the wrong clothes, and not even know all the rules or strategy. Yet, once they started playing the game, you realized this kid was super talented--they could be a real superstar, but only if someone harnessed all that talent. Read more