How to Invest

Nowadays, this question comes up frequently and, quite frankly, I get it. The markets are at all-time highs after being decimated last year during the height of the pandemic. Businesses are still closed, and although things are trending up, it certainly doesn’t “feel” like it should be the all-time highs in the stock market. Read more
Due to election jitters, I’ve been getting this question a lot more these days, and more people are asking about commodity investing (i.e. precious metals, oil, etc.).  Any time people get nervous, this question comes up, as people perceive investing in these types of commodities will lessen their risk during volatile times. Read more
Speaking of kids, here’s a funny anecdote that happened to me the other day. My middle child, Belly, is a free-spirited six-year-old who hates wearing clothes. Now, she’s starting kindergarten remotely through zoom, so naturally she has to wear clothing. The other day she puts on a nice shirt, but she’s still in her underwear. “No one can see it,” she said. I couldn’t help but laugh. This is literally everyone’s dream at some point—showing up to school to realize you’re in your underwear. Read more
The number one, two, and three rules in my business are: don’t talk politics. I can insult your spouse, religion, children, or even Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, but don’t insult your political view. And let me tell you something, it’s true as the day is long. If you want to survive in my business, DON’T TALK POLITICS! Read more
The US stock market, measured by the S&P 500, has hit an all-time high! Let me repeat that for dramatic affect. In the face of a pandemic and record unemployment, the markets have had a historic recovery from a historic downturn. Now, we can all sit here and question the reasons, or lack of reasons, why it has done so. However, for this article I’d like to focus on the lessons learned (or those that need to be reinforced). Read more
One of Diversified, LLC’s specialties is working with executives at many different fortune 500 companies. Many of them receive a fair amount of their compensation in the form of stock options and restricted stock units. These can be fantastic little perks, but are often a large portion of executive compensation. While the stock market was on a record run up the last decade, these stock compensation vehicles have created a lot of wealth for our clients. Read more
For the more thought-provoking topic I’ve been thinking about these days: have the fundamental rules of financial planning changed? I’m specifically referring to how we approach emergency savings. What do I mean? Well, glad you asked. Read more
There are few questions that I’ve gotten in my almost 20 years in the business that have been as difficult to answer as the one I keep getting lately. With a handful of clients sitting on a decent amount of cash, they’ve been waiting for this opportunity to buy in on the dip. I’ll reach out to them, as that was always the plan, but then the conversation doesn’t go as expected. Read more
During these times of uncertainty, you get a real look into a person’s investing soul. You get to see how they react to adversity. My job, of course, is how to handle each person’s unique behavior as it pertains to their specific situation. Read more
Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen our first bear market in 11 years (defined as a 20% drop from a peak). We’ve seen fear and panic set in as a global pandemic ensues. Everyone expects the next few months to be rough, as businesses go remote and/or shut down. Governments throughout the world, along with our Federal Reserve, are going deep into their playbooks to cushion the blow. Read more