By: Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP®

We’re in year two of the Coronavirus, and we’ve had clients and friends turn to us during these trying times. On top of that, we’ve expanded our client base to include our Wayne office, which comes with many fresh, new faces to the Diversified Lifelong Advisor family. Because of this, I think it’s worth reinforcing the Pledges we have at Diversified for all who we’re blessed to work with.

In most service professions, there’s a pledge taken when entering. Being a Certified Financial Planner (on top of a slew of other exams/designations), I abide by particular codes of ethics as well.

The difference is I want to make sure our clients, and potential future clients, know the Pledges I (along with my partners and employees at Diversified Lifelong Advisors) make to all who choose to engage with us.

The 25 Planner Pledges:

  1. We pledge: to make sure we handle every client with the care and respect they deserve.
  2. We pledge: to ask for your trust upfront, and then spend a lifetime earning it.
  3. We pledge: to judge no one, regardless of their financial situation.
  4. We pledge: to continually put our clients’ interests over our own.
  5. We pledge: to reinvest in our clients, so they receive the most value we can possibly give.
  6. We pledge: to educate our clients, so they can always make informed decisions.
  7. We pledge: to not let emotions cloud our judgement.
  8. We pledge: to give unwavering advice through good times and bad.
  9. We pledge: to provide you the advice you need, but may not always want.
  10. We pledge: to keep your goals, desires, and fulfillment at the core of our advice.
  11. We pledge: to be a friendly and listening ear when you need it.
  12. We pledge: to celebrate the good times and feel your sorrow during the bad.
  13. We pledge: to view and treat this relationship as a partnership, not a dictatorship.
  14. We pledge: to use our unique perspective, as we help guide many through similar things, which allows us to give better advice.
  15. We pledge: to remain transparent in everything we do.
  16. We pledge: to continually refine our craft and recognize that learning is never finished.
  17. We pledge: to seek cutting edge technology to make your life easier and more efficient.
  18. We pledge: to be here always.
  19. We pledge: to look at your entire picture, so we can give comprehensive advice.
  20. We pledge: to care about and guide your entire family (i.e. kids and/or parents), as your family is our family.
  21. We pledge: to take our lifelong commitment seriously and work with you through all stages of life.
  22. We pledge: to keep customer service at the forefront of what we do.
  23. We pledge: to stay moral and ethical at all costs.
  24. We pledge: to provide you with an objective eye to help assess all your options when it comes to making financial decisions.
  25. We pledge: to always appreciate that you have a choice of who to trust with your financial health and treasure the fact you have chosen us.

Final Pledge Thoughts

During my family’s darkest times, there was incredible guidance and planning that got us through. It’s what got me into this.

If I (and my colleagues) are able to make a real difference in our client lives, I can’t possibly think of a better gift. We take our 25 Planner Pledges seriously, and we’re here for you—in good times and bad. As always stay wealthy, healthy and happy.

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