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What I learned about personal finance in my 30s
Read along to discover what I learned about personal finance in my 30s, from Andrew Rosen of Diversified Lifelong Advisors. Read more
Weekly Market Recap
Read a weekly market recap for March 22nd from Mike Horwath CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Diversified Lifelong Advisors. Read more
Should IOverpay My Mortgage
Inspiration for my blogs comes from many sources. Sometimes I get inspired to write on a topic from a client meeting. Other times, my inspiration comes from something I read or from a conversation in the workplace. Further still, sometimes inspiration comes from a text message discussion with a bunch of buddies who love to debate. (So, thank you O-man, Fertig, H, & Dbav. I hate to give them any credit, because it will go to their already inflated egos. But hey, what can you do?) Read more
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The other day, I had the absolute pleasure of having my favorite meeting of the year (so far). It was with, hands down, my cutest, most energized, and yet also my smallest client (in size I might add, since I can’t break client/advisor confidentiality). Read more
We’re in year two of the Coronavirus, and we’ve had clients and friends turn to us during these trying times. On top of that, we’ve expanded our client base to include our Wayne office, which comes with many fresh, new faces to the Diversified Lifelong Advisor family. Because of this, I think it’s worth reinforcing the Pledges we have at Diversified for all who we’re blessed to work with. Read more
Nowadays, this question comes up frequently and, quite frankly, I get it. The markets are at all-time highs after being decimated last year during the height of the pandemic. Businesses are still closed, and although things are trending up, it certainly doesn’t “feel” like it should be the all-time highs in the stock market. Read more
Holiday spirit is in the air and a new year is upon us. Although a crazy year we had, as it was a year unlike any other, I wanted to keep some consistency at least and still give you the top ten blogs of the year (in case you missed them). I always loved watching David Letterman growing up and his top ten list. Now of course the thought of staying up to start a tv show at 11:35pm is terrifying I’ll keep with my homage to my comedic icon with this year’s top ten list. Read more
I was just telling this story the other day, and I’m not sure why it sticks with me so much. But it does. In my early 20s, I never had cash on me (and I mean never). This always drove my father nuts. I had credit and debit cards; he had cash and cash. We were truly a great juxtaposition of new school and old school. Read more
There’s an old saying: “what gets measured, gets done.” I’ve read it many times in different business books and can attest to it in my personal life. For instance, I’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds (like 15-20) to be healthier. I was motivated, to a degree, but never made any actual traction on my goal. I ate ok, exercised plenty, and that was basically it. Read more