By: Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP®

Holiday spirit is in the air and a new year is upon us.  Although a crazy year we had, as it was a year unlike any other, I wanted to keep some consistency at least and still give you the top ten blogs of the year (in case you missed them).  I always loved watching David Letterman growing up and his top ten list.  Now of course the thought of staying up to start a tv show at 11:35pm is terrifying I’ll keep with my homage to my comedic icon with this year’s top ten list.

10. Positive Side of Covid-19 – How can I not kick off my top ten list without a blog that talks about the story of the year, if not decade, if not the past 100 years.  However, with all the craziness the year has brought all of us there were surprisingly a lot of positives.  This article speaks to all the good things that can be gleamed from this terrible virus.  I know for one I got to live at the Jersey shore all Summer with my family.  Give a read and see if you can identify.

9. 4 Types of Investors in a Market Downturn– Any time you have the markets doing what they did in 2020 I get to see what we all are truly made of as investors.  There is no hiding or faking it during these times, rather our true colors come out.  This was a fun little blog about a parable about the four types of investors that emerge when pushed to the limits.  Which one are you?

8. A Grateful Retirement: The Key to Happiness– Over the past few years I have been on a personal mission to find and guide our clients to happiness.  This article speaks both to one of the scientific proofs of happiness and then tells a story of some clients of mine who are living their best happy retirement lives.  Let me ask you, what are you grateful for?

7. Retirement Dating– I loved this article as not only do I think it is great advice, it was one of my first articles to get picked up on the National stage through Kiplinger magazine.   It is certainly fun to see your hard work payoff, but even more satisfying knowing potentially a few extra people may have benefited by something I wrote.  That said the article touches on a very cool concept that I recommend for anyone approaching or newly retired.

6. Great Advice from a Retired Client– I am so often inspired by our clients.  This blog I have to give all the credit to one of our clients who had some spot-on advice I thought was so good I had to share it.  They’ve been retired for years and left us all with this nugget of wisdom.  It is fun to live vicariously through others, and even more fun to share their best knowledge.  Got any advice for me?  If good enough it could make a future blog!

5. Time is the Value of Money– This is a fun concept I have been noodling on for quite a while.  It touches on our most valuable resource, time, and how to reframe your thinking.  I love this notion and thus why it makes it all the way to number five on my top blogs of the year. 

4. Risk is the Reward– We all think taking risk yields massive success.  Now in a lot of situations this holds true.  That said this article speaks to the fact that risk is earned in many situations, not the other way around.  I think it gives more perspective to what goes into a lot of successful people’s successes.  Let me ask, have you earned the right to take risk?

3. Worth & Not Worth the Moolah– Two for the price of one!  This was a two-part series I hope to make an annual thing as it was probably the most viewed and responded to blogs of the year.  Some people got upset I yucked their yum on their loved items.  That said don’t shoot the messenger.  Give a read if you missed it and see if you agree!

2. Cash is King– Any time I get to share some advice from the greatest guy I’ve ever known, my mentor, my father I have to add it to my list.  Was reminded about this great planning tip a few times recently and had to share it with all of you.  I owe so much to him and loved sharing this tidbit.

1. Important Life Lessons from a Covid-19 Victim– I started the top ten with all the positives of Covid-19.  I thought it was only fitting to end with the other side of the coin.  Not everyone lost someone to this terrible virus, but sadly I can’t say the same.  Early on I lost my grandmother to this crappy disease.  She was an incredible lady and her, along with over 300,000 other U.S victims, she leaves an impact of many people.  I miss her dearly and, in her words, love ya love ya love ya Gigi!

That’s all folks

As I now get to enjoy a couple of days off to recharge the battery, and spend time with my family, I hope you are all getting a chance to do the same.  It was a crazy year, and looking like 2021 will be a renaissance year for us all.  Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and wealthy New Year.  Appreciate every one of you and here is to Auld Lang Syne!

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