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By: Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP®

The other day, I released my second official Wealth, Health, & Happiness interview [ED1] . I had the honor of interviewing Justin Schenck, founder of The Growth Now Movement and world renown podcaster. To say his interview was inspiring doesn’t do it justice. I learned so much and received some great wisdom that I feel can help all of us in this wealth, health, and happiness journey.

If you haven’t listened to his podcast yet, I highly suggest giving it a listen. He interviews several of the most famous and successful people on the planet. Vicariously, I gleaned some insight from his common threads and the messages from these uber successful individuals.

Here are five of the key takeaways I was able to get from my interview, which have already made an impact in my life.

  1. First, Justin has a message of growing and improving. If you read my “I stink” blog [ED2] last week, you’ll know this hits home with me. The journey is what it’s all about. If we’re able to constantly grow and improve, so that today is the “worst version of ourselves” that we’ll ever have, than we’re living a successful life.
  2. Second, live with a purpose. If you approach each day with a purposeful focus, everything else will take care of itself. Whether that be your community, family, friends, or philanthropy—don’t lose sight of your purpose. Having that one thing (or several things) that gets you out of bed in the morning will lead to a happy life.
  3. Third, focus on your four pillars each day. Now these pillars don’t have to be the same for everyone, but I think Justin’s list does a pretty good job of covering most things. His list is business/career, relationships, wellness, and spirituality. If each day you can do one thing to move the needle forward on all these areas of your life, you’ll have that wealthy, healthy, and happiness we all desire. Let me ask, what will you do today to help you professionally or financially? How about with your closest relationships? Will you reach out to someone just because? Health-wise, will you exercise or forgo that slice of cake? What about spiritually? When was the last time you prayed, or meditated, or whatever you do that grounds you? Would your life be better if you made time for all these things today and every day? I’d assume anyone would be hard pressed to say no.
  4. Fourth, be selfish so you can be selfless. This was honestly my favorite part of the interview and likely the thing that will resonate with me forever. I asked Justin what is the commonalty of all these successful people. His comment was truly eye opening. He said they all have a routine that involves taking care of themselves. How does that lead to success you may wonder? The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. How can you, my family, my clients, my friends, my endeavors have the best version of me if I’m not taking care of me? It seems counterintuitive at first, but truer words have never been spoken. I know sometimes I feel bad when I want to go for a quick workout instead of playing with my kids. This fourth item says to take the time to work out, so I can play with my kids and they get the best version of daddy possible. Now whatever the things are for you, will you be selfish so you can be selfless?
  5. Fifth, grow 1% today. This again ties to my previous blog and earlier comment. Justin’s last take away, his something special he wanted us all to remember, is that focus on small growth and the large growth will happen without you noticing it. It’s really about the journey and enjoying the ride while improving. If you’re doing all these things, the rest will truly take care of itself and you’ll live a happier life.

The Growth Now Movement

I really enjoyed this interview and Justin’s message. The concept of being selfish to be selfless hits at the core of who I am, and what we’re trying to promote here at Diversified. Doing these things will lead to a wealthier, healthier, and happier life at the end of the day.

I hope you enjoyed Justin’s interview as much as I did. Now I have to ask, what will you do today for you, so the world tomorrow can get the best version of you?

You can learn more about Justin Schenk and his work by following him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to check out The Growth Now Movement at

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