Top Blogs of 2018
By: Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP®

Another year of financial blogging in the books. Hooray!

Writing never was something I considered myself very good at in my younger days. (I can’t tell you what my 16 year-old self would say if he knew I wrote 52 articles in a year!)  But, when you find a passion, even the most daunting task becomes easier and more enjoyable.

In case you missed them, these were the most popular blogs of 2018. Both my younger self and I hope you enjoy the recap.

The Top 10

10. Here a bit, there a bit, everywhere a Bitcoin is my number ten blog of the year for two reasons. First, it addresses the “fad” that is Bitcoin. Second, isn’t it crazy to think how less than a year ago all we were talking about was Bitcoin? It dominated the news and now that fad has faded.

9. The 5 stages of retirement is number nine in this year’s top ten list. I’ve helped many individuals realize retirement and the continuation towards more life goals. It isn’t always a smooth transition. This blog captures the experience of those 60 days surrounding retirement and the common progression most retirees experience.

8. When savings accounts steal your cash comes in at number eight. I love this one. It’s so easy to implement, yet many people miss it. This little tidbit can make quite the impact on your life. Don’t let those accounts “steal your cash”.

7. The 4 levers of financial planning is number seven. It’s another common theme I often see. This blog breaks down the four major influencers you control about your financial health. You must determine which levers to pull and when. However, it’s up to us to help you understand the ramifications and impact of each.

6. The impossible task of guessing right twice is a good number six. This illustrates how difficult it is to guess right twice when investing. We build portfolios based on fundamentals and academia; it’s why we are so adamant about not being stock market prognosticators.  Instead of guessing what the market will do next, let tried and true investment strategies attempt to work toward your advantage.

5. 6 Hacks to automate your life is a good one for the number five spot. Life is busy and financial planning can be (and often is) time consuming. Staying on top of it all is nearly impossible. Find ways to automate your life. Trust me, it’ll help more then you realize. I have been on a mission with this ever since I missed one credit card payment 4 years ago!

4.The college planning advice you thought you already knew came in fourth. Tons of advice is already out there on the topic of college planning. That said, not many of them tie into your everyday life quite like this one. There are benefits to start saving while they are young. This is a great strategy I gleaned from one of my clients and am implementing it with my own kids.

3.Bring your kid to planning day made it into the top three. This was one of my favorite blogs of the year. Getting your children involved in financial planning from an early age has incredible benefits. There are too many to list here, but this blog is a real eye-opener.

2.Help! My spouse handles all the finances. I loved this article for so many reasons, mainly because this is such a common problem with couples (I suppose that’s why it ended up being number two.) Like many things in life, it may not present itself as a problem, until it actually is a problem. This blog provides solid tips to rectify the situation before it becomes a real issue.

1.Life advice from my 90 year old Zayda is this year’s top blog. By far, I got the most positive response on this one. It was fun to write and something we can all benefit from reading. This one is personal for me, as I share intimate conversations with my grandfather. He is a wise man and very special to me. We should all be so lucky to have wonderful people in our lives who can help shape our viewpoint. Hopefully you all enjoyed reading this piece as much as I did writing it.

It’s been a heck of a year!

So long 2018. You’ve taught me so much.  I’ve seen my son take his first steps, my oldest lose her first tooth, and I continue to love the work I do. Thanks for reading my weekly blogs and I do hope you enjoy them.  It has become a labor of love for me. If you ever have a great idea for a blog, please don’t hesitate to send me a note at Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

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