By: Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP®

I’m not sure this is what Julie Andrews had in mind when she sang My Favorite Things during The Sound of Music.  That said, the close of 2017 marks a special milestone for me. It’s my first full year of blogging.  For someone who doesn’t fancy himself a natural writer, it was quite the journey.

I started this blog to keep our clients, friends, and “the public” informed, even when not inside our four walls.  I couldn’t think of a better way to round out my last (and 44th) blog of the year than to recap the favorites of 2017.  In no specific order, here they are.  My hope is you’ll enjoy them snuggled up next to your loved ones in front of that nice fire!

  1. The first is one of my earlier writings. It’s called The One Percent No One Seems to Care About and is about the oft forgotten world of high yield savings accounts. Often, those of us with high cash positions are not taking advantage of better interest earnings on our savings.  Oddly enough, no one seems to care.  Hopefully, this article will disrupt that thinking.  Remember, money works best when working for you.
  2. The next article was a lot of fun to write and got picked up nationally. It’s called The 7 Steps to Negotiating a New Car. This blog allowed me to share some really good tips in an area all too associated with trepidation.
  3. In this next blog, I really I started to find my writing “voice.” It helped readers understand me better and my passion about planning.  The blog is Suddenly Widowed: A Financial Guide for When Tragedy Strikes.  Losing my father unexpectedly in 2016, this article was both emotional and therapeutic to write.  I channeled what my family went through when writing.  I had no doubt – I had to write it.   My message and experiences needed to be told, so I could help others through the process.
  4. Purchasing a Home: A Great Investment or Huge Financial Planning Mistake was an eye opening blog. Many of us blindly purchase homes as it seems the thing TOO  In reality, the question must be SHOULD you?  I know this blog has saved some of my client’s children from making premature financial commitments.
  5. This Mega Backdoor Roth: One Mega Strategy blog also got a lot of response. In it, I showcase an excellent and sophisticated financial planning strategy.  Many of us are missing an opportunity to save valuable dollars for retirement in this often unknown strategy.
  6. Teaching Children about Money and Finance is a great read for those of us wondering how to begin the engagement with our children (or grandchildren) on this sensitive topic. As I have three young children, this one hit home.  Many clients want to have their children financially literate; this article is a great starting point.
  7. Our Company Core Values was not only fun to share, but it also gave some framework in the development of our company. Additionally, I’ve heard it’s helped others think about their company’s values, as well.  I firmly believe in building a company’s value system (way before you have clients).  We want people to work with us because they believe in our system. That translates into a belief in our mission as a company, too.  At Diversified, we believe in the lifelong brand; I know no other way to achieve that than by having transparent core values.
  8. What is the biggest question of Financial Planning? When can I retire?  This next article, What’s My Magic Number to Retire, gave a simple and easy guide to start thinking through what it will take to retire.
  9. Last but not least Donor advised fund a family planning tool hit on two things I’m passionate about: family and charity.  It was a nice way to tie these two worlds together.  I explain the strategy and give a few anecdotes as to how I plan to utilize this strategy in my own family planning.

Well there you have it folks my top 9 blogs of 2017.  One thing I learned very quickly in my blog writing career is there are three points for success:

  1. Write about things your audience cares about.
  2. Make them easily understandable and fun.
  3. Write about things you personally feel strongly about.

I put passion into understanding my industry, helping my clients, and educating anyone who wants to learn.  I truly hope you’ve enjoyed these blogs.  Please, continue to share them with others who you think will appreciate them.

Happy and healthy holidays to all!  Here’s to finding 52 more topics to write about in 2018!

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