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Wealth is a good thing. Lifelong wealth is even better.

At Diversified, our clients know that while life isn’t without change and challenge, it’s how they manage it that makes all the difference. They also know that they need to surround themselves with people who truly care about them. As a local family business serving executives, professionals, and retirees, we welcome the opportunity to be included in your circle of trusted advisors. We realize we’ll need to earn it, and once we do, we promise to keep it.

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At Diversified Lifelong Advisors our goal is to provide our clients with everything you need. We accomplish this goal through establishing a deeper and meaningful connection, which allows us to continually guide our clients to true happiness and fulfillment by providing everything you need to achieve lifelong wealth. As you will see in the triangle our firm is different than other financial firms. We call this our lifelong advice model.

First, we have to understand you, and your family’s, financial situation. This entails your assets, debts, taxes, and everything that makes up your current financial life. This in and of itself is not unique to our industry as most advisors focus there (and stop there).

Next, we put these financials in perspective by understanding all of your goals. We do so by focusing our relationship on making sure these goals are clearly mapped out and revisited on a consistent basis. At Diversified, LLC we use a few different financial planning software to help us track the progress towards achieving these goals. We find what is watched is achieved, thus we must routinely focus our attention on our collaborative progress on achieving these goals. This we find is much less prevalent in the financial planning sphere and makes us unique.

Finally, what makes you happy and fulfilled? What are you about at the core? What is your why? Something we know makes us truly unique is putting a huge emphasis on this area. We feel it is often neglected and truthfully your reason for being. At the heart of a well-constructed financial plan (and financial planning relationship) needs to be attention to a deeper meaning. What good is having strong financials and accomplishing your goals if it doesn’t leave you happy and satisfied inside? We train with industry leading psychologists to equip us to take our relationship to a higher and more impactful partnership. Very few, if any, financial planners make this a priority. To tie these three focal points of finances, goals, and happiness together we are confident will lead to financial and life success.

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