Request – 3 Key Reasons to Avoid DIY Financial Planning

The 3 Key Reasons to Avoid DIY Financial PlanningIn this paper we share three ways you can gauge the value of financial advice you get from working with a professional, credentialed financial advisor versus trying to achieve financial security on your own.

  • We’ll review studies that quantified the actual value of financial advice across an entire industry.
  • We’ll look at 11 behavior tendencies of investors so you can avoid these for yourself.
  • We’ll look at seven comprehensive financial planning techniques that could save many thousands over your lifetime.

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Our Company Values: This is Us

Our Company Values: This is Us

Our employees know our value system – we live it, breathe it, and make it part of our daily work lives. But, that isn’t enough. We want everyone (clients, prospects, employees, wholesalers, etc.) to understand them as well.

Helpful Retirement Statistics

Helpful Retirement Statistics

When can I retire? It’s such a common question that I’ve already written a few blogs on the topic. However, dealing with a lot of engineers and analytics I know many of you like to understand statistics and averages when formulating decisions.


When was the last time you took the necessary time to review ALL the areas pertaining to your lifelong financial well-being? If your answer is “not lately,” you are not alone. We can help.

50 critical financial questions which drive your financial life.

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