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We provide intimate, intricate financial planning for busy executives and professionals. Our clients appreciate the value of a comprehensive planning process but lack the time or resources.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Financial Planning

Through our Lifelong Wealth Planning Process we focus on helping individuals or families, by developing, implementing, and monitoring a customized plan to achieve your life goals.

Retirement Planning

You have accumulated your assets, now it’s time to protect and enjoy them! We help identify and understand what needs to be addressed to lead to a peaceful retirement. We’ll develop an income strategy to maximize your retirement income.

Investment Planning

We establish an appropriate investment strategy based on your plan needs and risk tolerance to align with your goals.

Protection Planning

We evaluate your insurance needs and coverage for inadequacies and recommend appropriate solutions to protect you and your family.  These insurances include but are not limited to: life, disability, long-term care, home/auto, and health/Medicare.

College Planning

We help families prepare for college expenses by teaching where tax dollars can be saved most efficiently, how much can be afforded, and positioning assets to maximize potential financial aid.

Estate Planning

We develop a plan to ensure your affairs are being best looked after, and in a tax efficient manner.

Tax Planning

We work with tax professionals to maximize opportunities and develop a cohesive tax-savings strategy.

Social Security Planning

We develop a strategy for collecting Social Security retirement benefits utilizing the many options available to you.

Charitable/Legacy Planning

Recognizing the philanthropic nature of our clients, we determine the optimal strategies to allow our clients’ funding wishes to be implemented in the most practical, efficient manner possible.

Business Planning

We work with business owners in resolving key issues facing their businesses. These include but are not limited to: succession planning, 401k plans, executive compensation, group benefits, and key person insurance.

Employee Benefits

We assist in the analysis and selection of the appropriate benefits provided by your employer.

Executive Equity Compensation

We help executives understand and strategize how to best utilize their stock options and restricted units as it pertains to their financial plan.

Mortgage and Home Equity Analysis

We assess your current debt obligations and determine potential improvements.

Lifelong Blog

Equity Award Planning – Part 1 of 4 Stock Options

Equity Award Planning – Part 1 of 4 Stock Options

Tis the season of equity awards grants – truly an exciting time! What better time to revisit stock options and restricted stock units – how do both of these plans work and what are some strategies for each?

The 4 Levers of Financial Planning

The 4 Levers of Financial Planning

Financial Planning can be very complicated. To help everyone I work with, I’m always trying to simplify the process. In my experience, there are 4 high level factors which determine your probability of success.


When was the last time you took the necessary time to review ALL the areas pertaining to your lifelong financial well-being? If your answer is “not lately,” you are not alone. We can help.

50 critical financial questions which drive your financial life.

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